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Words and Pictures Documentary - Cartoons and Comics from Pre-history to the Age of Electricity - notice the underscores between the words.

Created by Robert Gluckson.

The documentary describes the development of the picture story, from cave painting to comic book. It surveys visual communications techniques common to advertising, movie posters, and every form of combined text and words. Viewers will develop their media literacy and visual communications skills.

Benefits: internet exposure of lecture and writing showcase abilities as a lecturer and researcher; the museum enters the world-wide community of cartoon scholars.

Schneider Art Museum Contemporary Animation and Comic Book Art Show

Robert Gluckson

From the history of comic strips to the latest creators, see this collection of comics-related sites. See also Robert Gluckson’s paper about contemporary comic greats (and Seattle cartoonists) Pete Bagge and James Woodring.


Comic Art History with a direct link to the history portion

Jon Bujan

Here is a totally great history of comics and biographies of comic artists.

This website offers a complete history of the comic book to present day with a special section that highlighting comics in America.  This site also has interviews with the people that bought us comics, the writers and artists, giving insight into some of the greatest comics and storylines ever created.  There are links to other comic related sites, Ebay auctions, gallery of comic art, and tips on how to create your own gallery of comics. 

Grand Comic Database

What a dream! Digitize all the comic book covers. 56,000 so far.

The 25 Greatest Comic Book Covers

Highly recommended – take a look at these wonderful images and fascinating, historic background. The “worst covers” companion page is also fun.

Early Comic Strips on the Web

Comic Book History
Randy Hernando

This website gives an overview of the history of comic dated back from 1896, when Richard Felton Outcalt first drew a comic strip called the Yellow Kid.  From then on comics attracted lots of artists and it grew to become a huge industry.  It started out to humor the reader, but now it has grew to entertain the reader.  Such comic book types would be superhero and non-superhero.  One of largest comic book companies is Marvel, DC, Eclipse, Pacific Comics, First, Americomics, Comico, Spectrum.

Beautiful samples of the early masterworks of comic art.

Comics Business

Marvel Comics  

Jon Bujan

Marvel comics is the founder of modern comic book style.  From its subject to content matter to the sexuality of its characters, they started in the 80s the evolution of what we see today.  Marvel comics are related to all fascist of brand association, for we have Marvel studios with such blockbuster as Spiderman and X-Man the Movie and the Hulk.  They have toys and action figures, games related to comic book characters, and of course comic books.  An interesting side note demonstrates how business can take over business.  In the early ‘90s, due to the popularity of comics, action figures made by ToyBiz were some of the hottest toys.  ToyBiz in effort to make more money purchased Marvel comics so they no longer had to pay for an individual licensing for each character that they made. 

Comics Business
Randy Hernando

Trip Reynolds is a comic book collector who is familiar with the business of comics as well as a critic.  He gives information of a collector’s point of view, and gives information about public relations and promoting comic books.  He also gives information of the format of comics, advantages and disadvantages, if it’s going to sell or not.  As a collector for over 25 years he tells a lot about the comic book world and how people from kids to adult are able to enjoy it.  Websites like these should be read by comic book companies so they could get an idea of what people want.

Comics Careers

Comic Careers
Randy Hernando

This website gives an overview of making a career out of a Cartoonist.  It give some information on what the workers do, what the job is like, jobs, preparing for a job, the future, pay, similar jobs, and where to look for more information. This website has everything you need to know if you decided to make it a career.

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