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Media Sites

These sites collect resources for all the media, including film.

Media Resources 

A great website with connections to many more film related sites, including History, Business, Careers, and Essays: ones Communications

Digital Century

Media articles with hot links incorporated.

Popular Culture

Here is a great source of all sorts of media related sites.

The Media History Project

Offers incredible online references to every type of media.

Cinema Sites

Landmark Film Links Page

Links to many professional and research sites. The best links page I’ve found.

Landmark Theatres

Jeffrey Blair

In the process of researching my paper on a documentary movie, I came across a surprisingly useful and interesting web site. Besides what I expected (promotion for current and upcoming movies and show times for local theatres), this site has some other great features. One example is a "Favorite Foreign Film" list of the top 100 films as selected by a national audience poll. The best part of this site, however, is its extensive list of links to a wide range of film sites. The links are sorted into eight categories, such as "Film Magazines, Online News & Reviews," "Motion Picture Studios and Distributors," and "Television Worth Watching." There are also links to "Local" and "Major International" film festivals. While I am by no means an expert on film, the links helped me find information efficiently; they also offered access to lots of other sites, links, and databases without being overwhelming or hard to navigate. For anyone seeking information on films or the film industry, this is a site worth visiting.

Movie Technology

American Museum of the Moving Image  

Animated interactive tutorials “Shutters, Sprockets, and Tubes” explain the science and technology behind movies and television.

Film reviews

Asian Film Reviews

These sites have reviews on some of the Asian movies.  I don’t know how you
can get access to them if you want to watch it.  You will see a lot of
movies that you can’t find in the small foreign movie corner in the video
rental stores.

Movie History

The World Wide Web Virtual Library
Leon Nguyen

It had everything from Film History of before cinema, early cinema, silent cinema, to sound cinema, and etc.
It had everything relating to education and the library, that's why it's call World Wide Web Virtual Library.  It had so many links to your topic that it makes your eye hurt.  What I hate about this site is the small and narrow text that they have (can be easily fixed by making the text bigger). This site is mostly website-links to other places and it is good by
limiting the searches.  Overall, this site is easy to navigate through its system and it had good information. 

Movie Posters 

Greatest films
Yanna Zhang

This web site provides great information about great films
and many kinds of awards about film in America. It has the greatest list and
reference for films. Also we can use the search toll to search information
we want to know about film.
I want everyone in our class to know this web site because it
applies the great information about film in America, especially, it relates
to film awards. I think that it is very useful for foreign students like me
because we have a lack knowledge about American film history and award
processes, it also can be a reference for American students who are
interested in film. For example, when you click the ˇ°greatest filmˇ±, you
can find some information about 100 greatest films list. If you click
”Academy Awards” you can get the information about academy awards winner
from 1927/28 to present.

Motion Pictures History

Nitasha Singh

When you think of all the beginnings of the motion picture industry, you begin to realize that there was a lot needed to begin with - cameras, technology, actors, scripts, locations, etc. This site narrows it down to the perfect historical events that lead to this multi-million dollar industry. There are many important people who built upon the photophone, amplifiers, reels and other inventions. All of these technological items were developed from 1910 to nearly 1930. The detailed timeline on this site further explores each invention of technology that is required to make a movie. Visuals include what some of the inventions look like. Maximizing one of these images only shows you the details of the photograph that was taken 50 or so years ago.

If you had a history assignment about movies, go to this site. The timeline list of events is unbeatable. Then there are more links to other decades of the century, and the contributions from that era. The history of t e medium is accurately portrayed, and is easier to follow than the text we read. The creators gave all their sources and links on the bottom of the page. Since the list is so long, lots of facts are there to digest. I think it's a creditable site with nearly professional creators. There are no ads. Maybe it was a students project. There is a copyright. The purpose is to deliver a message, which was the history of movie making.

The Film 100 

See for encyclopedic entries on the 100 most influential film folks;

at the Jones Media Encyclopedia site.

This site provides useful material about film noir.

Movie History

Morgan Brannon

The excitement of the film industry began with Alva Edison and his
invention of the Kinetoscope.  In November of 1890, Dickson devised a crude
camera and filmed his first motion picture of his fellow assistant Fred Ott,
entitled 'Monkey Shines'. Since then movies and movie stars have become gods
in our society and the success of the movie industry builds daily.

It covers everyone from the inventors of the first raw cameras such as Alva Edison, to breakthrough directors like D.W. Griffith with his film "Birth of a Nation, and actors
such as Charlie Chaplin and Charlotte Walker.  The detailed historical
timeline of the history of film begins in the 1890's and ends with the 1970's giving information about actors, technological breakthroughs such as sound and color, popular themes for movies evolve with the changing tastes and
traditions of the society in that period, the importance of the directors and
the roles that studios took in the making of movies.  This website is also
very thorough in the fact that it includes information about the business of
the film industry with the making and breaking of contracts with actors,
agreements with studios and the hiring and firing of movie industry
employees.  Along with this the website describes the importance of every
role that each employee, such as the key grip, play on the set and exactly what
their job entails. supplies colorful pictures and film clips to give the audience a clear visual of what the film quality was like during specific periods as well as what a movie set looks like. 

This site does a very good job by bringing all of the elements of
film together rather than just focusing on one area such as just actors or
just technological breakthroughs.  It also addresses all of the topics in
depth so that if one were focusing on a specific element the information
would be available to them.  The website is
organized so that even someone who has never researched or studied film can easily maneuver around and find information quickly. 

This website is not limited to historical information but it provides job information and
possible careers available in the film industry.  The purpose of the website
from my point of view is to give an overall view of all aspects of the film
industry to both long time film buffs and movie critics as well as first time
visitors. provides links to other website providing both
similar information as well as website focused on specific film topics.

McGraw Hill Film Screening Room 

Topics include Film History and Theory, Gender and Genre, the Indie Scene, International Cinema, News, and even Job Searches.

The Academy Awards official site

There are seven main categories: nominees, style, Oscar night,
exclusives, Oscar legacy, fun & games, and gallery. This site includes bios and videos for all nominees, Oscar trivia, red carpet retrospective, and Oscar fashion gallery.  The fashion gallery is fun to watch. 

Movie Business

Producer Resources

This site is a list of organizations that a producer can go to for just about everything that is needed to make a movie.

What I found interesting about this site is that it is a lot of "fluff" trying to entice a producer to use their location business etc in order to gain popularity by being credited in a movie.  Also from clicking on some of the links for the different business I was able to learn more about them such as what they had to offer and prices of equipment, so if I were to produce a movie I would use this website to help me out with picking a location and so forth. Just goes to show that everyone wants a piece of the movie making industry.

Movie Careers

Morgan Brannon

Although this website doesn't offer a lot of information on the history of
assistant directors I believe that it is a solid resource for both existing
directors as well as prospective ones.  Focused for the attention of
assistant directors in the film industry this website offers job referrals,
information pertaining what is going on in the film industry right such as
movies in the works, who is in them, who is producing and directing, and
descriptions of the type of film.  The website also offers a newsletter for
similar information to be released to assistant directors.  There is a
message board as well as email for those interested to be able to post
information and contact one another as well as a bookstore to purchase film
information and scripts from previously produced movies.  This website gives
a detailed overview for someone curious about the jobs involved in the film
industry, and can be classified as a professional website since it is aimed
more at the working force within the industry.  The purpose that this site
holds is to connect the ideas, information, and contacts of assistant
directors in the business to assist other directors through links, chat
rooms, a bulletin board, and a newsletters.

Acting Jobs
Morgan Brannon

This website contains information about specific jobs available in the film
industry and the qualifications necessary to be hired and interviewed.  For
each job listed and available it lists the specific job, the requirements
such as education and previous experience, sometimes it mentions a pay range
or starting salary, as well as internships available through specific
production companies or studios for younger people trying to break into the
business of the film industry. This website lacks on visuals which may
shorten the attention span and interest of site visitors and it doesn't give
any industry history mostly because the purpose of the website is for people
who are already knowledgably of the workings of film companies and the
specific jobs within these.  The purpose of the site is to help those
interested in working in film to find jobs suitable to their interests.  The
creators of this site although knowledgeable didn't focus a lot on people 
who may not know as much about the workings of film which in turn may
discourage people from applying for jobs.  This website is very thorough in
the fact that if they don't have a job for you that there are links available
to other websites. Overall I believe that it serves its purpose of aiding in
job search well.

Motion Picture Employment

All the motion picture companies have a site regarding employment. They all are similar as well. This one is really classy, and is hard to find things like pay range and qualifications. There are other links to resumes, internships, benefits, but no job descriptions. There is a lot of history to MGM on this site, but you can easily check out the home page. There are lots of visuals and links. If I knew someone how wanted a job, I'd only recommend it if they were trying to make it in Hollywood. The put off is that it's missing crucial information. How much does it pay to be an extra in a movie? Or work with a producer? It's a professional website by MGM, but is it professional? It's not delivering the message I personally want. It makes me wonder . . .

Film Schools

The Film School Confidential Home Page
Yanna Zhang
This web site supplies general information about how to learn about film and where to start.
I choose this web site because it relates to film school, and it is
very useful for students who are interested in film study and need
information about is. I t contents information about what you know about
before you go and once you get there. Moreover, it links to
many film schools and a glossary.

Classic Producers

This site lists some of the classic movie producers such as Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, and Hal Wallis, to name a few.

I found this site interesting because it gives background information on these men who had such an impact on the movie industry. I was able to learn a little bit more about these men and how they got their start in movie production. Some of the links are still under construction however I still found this site fun and informative to browse through.

New York Film Academy

What I found interesting about this site was all the programs that this school has to offer. What really interested me is that they have a one year program where they teach you all there is to know about film making. I got tired just reading about the program. They also offer workshops and camps for people who desire a career in filmmaking.

Film School Links and Reviews

Film schools online is a website for finding the best film schools through the online medium. They are dedicated in providing quality information on film careers and schools.

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