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A Citation Guide for Digital Resources is a great place to prepare for doing academic research online.

Guide to Online Academic Research - Search Engines 101 provides the basics; learn how to cite online resources. Then Finding Academic Search Options explains how to go beyond Google and Bing to explore other searchable academic resources. This narrows searches to the golden realms of academic articles suitable for authoritative citation.

Computer and Internet History

Features computer and internet. This website is an academic site which includes the computer timeline from 1694 until now, the internet timeline from 1957 until now and also many of the usefulness of internet. Because the purpose of the website is assuring the open development, evolution and use of internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world, I think this website is very good for people who want to write about the history and the usefulness of computer and internet. Furthermore, for the internet history timeline, it has the chart which shows the developing of the user of internet.



Yesterday I finished building a computer system for a friend and had spent a lot of time looking for information regarding the latest computer technologies and what was basically out there in regards to computer hardware. One of the sites that took my interest was This is a vast site aimed at people with a higher degree of computer knowledge wishing to get detailed insight into anything to do with the world of computers, especially hardware. The site has a vast database of articles going back at least 4 years which include lab testing performed by the Anandtech members, articles on upcoming events reviews gathered from trade shows like Comdex which is where all the computer manufacturers gather to display their upcoming releases and technologies of the future.

The site has numerous links including price matching, manufacturer’s site and other hardware review arenas. The highlight of the site though is the daily articles concerning hardware innovations and new releases. I have spent hours going through many of the articles trying to make sense of the detailed information they have presented. There is a members section and forum for posting questions, as well as a Facts area that gives useful information for those looking for an answer to a specific question or problem.

Overall this is a very detailed, fast well put-together site that deserves attention from anyone interested in this field. As I mentioned earlier it is not aimed at the casual user but those seeking detailed reviews and information regarding the ever-changing face of computer technology.

Internet Careers

This website offers internet jobs in many. It tells the description of the job, the requirements skills, start date, employment type, duration, location, overtime pay, and also job number. It offers some internships and sometimes it is paid. I think the best part of this website is it is updated hourly.

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