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Here are links and reviews of mass media resources for the study of media history, business, and careers for mass media students and professionals - sources that are current and credible. Originally designed to support media studies online classes, the need for current business and career information expanded our scope, which now includes the best media periodicals, books, and movies.

Whenever possible we focus on visual communication - photographs, artwork, and illustrations - to make absorbing information fast and fun. Looking at pictures supports our Media Literacy Mission - empowering media consumers to decode the way the media impact us; to understand - and possibly resist - their enticing calls to action. As we enter the age of non-stop media consumption, the content providers deserve comprehensive scrutiny for the good of ourselves and society.

Media Careers and Online Job Search: Our researchers supply answers to the questions "What do media professionals read?" and "Where can I find online media jobs?"

Online Mass Media Courses: Here are suggestions for the study of mass media and the new learning modality of online schools. The site was begun to support the online Intro to Mass Media, Introduction to Film, and Photojournalism History courses taught by Robert Gluckson, M.A. The popularity of these classes inspired site suggestions for online schools.

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Best Media Books: Why settle for a textbook when you can read the greatest media books of all time?

"For academic success, the greatest piece of advice I offer my students is to find their subject section of the library, and skim," said media professor Robert Gluckson." No matter what the topic, if you have a different background then the textbook it will all make more sense. Teachers are really impressed when your tests and papers share material that wasn't in their textbook."

Best Movies: The YouTube and video generation demands that their schooling be entertaining as well as informative. The Media Movies share pictures of real-life working conditions and the emotional and intellectual challenges of a media careers. Watch a movie today!


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